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Save notes and view your calendar all in one place, accessible anywhere!

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My Notepad - Notes on the go. is a free service where you can safely store notes and access them at them home, at work or on the move!


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Itís FREE to signup to 'My Notepad' with no hidden charges. All you need to provide are login details.
The simple notes interface you are presented with once logged in will work on any computer or device.

Anywhere, any time.

'My Notepad' is perfect for people on the move. If you use several computers and/or devices, youíve always got access to the same notepad. Store ideas, random thoughts or even tonightís shopping list! And it doesn't cost you a penny!

Youíre account includs a notepad, a calendar and a finance tracker - all FREE!

Keep a calendar

Along with your notepad is an interactive calendar which helps you keep up to date with everything that matters!

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