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About My-Notepad is a free service where you can safely store notes and access them at them home, at work or on the move!

Most devices already have a notes system on them, but what if you use more than one device/PC, and what if it gets lost/stolen?

Secure, fast, free and easy!

It's so simple - anyone can use it! And My Notepad doesn't cost a penny!

The Service

The My-Notepad site was originally developed for in-house use. However it has been released to the public on an as-is basis. Use of My-Notepad is completly voluntary.


All account data, and any information stored on a user account are accessable only to the account owner, or if required a system admin.

Data a user stores on My-Notepad is totally at their own risk - and holds no responsibilty for any loss of data.

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